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Blood Lipids and Fat

Biotex Is a Contributor to The Doctors.

Blood Lipids and Fatty Acids

Blood lipids are fats in the blood, which are generally either fatty acids or cholesterol. Some levels of blood lipids are normal, but if your levels are too high, you could be at an increased risk for developing high blood pressure or heart disease.

The Importance of Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are important to our diet because they help with normal brain function, healthy metabolism, and many other processes in the body. However, when you have too much fat in your diet, it becomes stored on your body, and as a result, can travel through the bloodstream, where it becomes a blood lipid.

On-Site Testing

Anyone interested in learning more about their health can visit us to get a blood lipid test. It will tell you more about the level of fat in your blood, which can help you gauge your overall health.

Products to Consider

Here are a few products you may want to consider using if you are at all concerned with your test results.

  • NatureMade Cholesteroff:
  • This supplement features ingredients that will help lower your chloesterol levels naturally.
  • Red Yeast Rice: Red yeast rice has been shown to reduce your cholesterol levels naturally.
  • Elite Thin: This product by Elite Health Blends contains fucoxanthin, which helps burn fat. Other ingredients in the formula work to help reduce cholesterol levels.
  • Twinlab Cholesterol Success: This formual contains four heart healthy ingredients to help you reduce your cholesterol levels without the help of prescription medication.
  • Kyolic Garlic:This garlic formula with letchin and magnesium may help improve your cholesterol level.